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“Be a healer, from my perspective is  : creating a sacred space to allow the people  to open the power within them.

Releasing the blockages which keep them away from their ressources. 

Healer does not mean to fix the other but to allow him to find within him his own life force energy.

What a joy to feel the energy flowing freely. I've done several treatments with Sylvie, I can totally let go, the confidence is there and the clearing is surprising every time. Thank you.

I come to share the experience of a breathing workshop with Sylvie. I really appreciated the structure of the Workshop: between exercises and moments of sharing. I felt a lot of joy and connection with my depth and benevolent presence during the breathing exercise. And I loved Sylvie's generosity and professionalism
A Workshop to offer yourself to reconnect with yourself, your breathing and Joy.

- Evelyne Arene

The experience of my breathing with Sylvie was a magical moment… a real source of energy, a guide for an extraordinary experience… what a wonderful meeting!
There are no words to describe everything we feel, you just have to LIVE IT ...
Thank you again for sharing this unforgettable moment

- Naj