Tools for your awakening.

Do you feel limited ? Do you always reproduce the same patterns?

Do you procratinate? Do you have physical pain?

“In each of us there is another being that we do not know.
He speaks to us through the dream and lets us know that he sees us very different from what we think we are. "

Carl Gustav Jung

Embark on your journey of transformation.

If we consider the process of reincarnation, when our body dies, the soul abandons the two densest bodies and passes into the space that we call between two lifetimes to take stock of its past experience on earth. .
Then she stays in that place to choose the next incarnation.

Part of the higher consciousness (soul) decides to come to earth to have a new experience and to learn.
A part of our soul remains in the higher planes, this is what we call (the guiding mind or higher consciousness).

The guiding spirit follows us from life to life and keeps in memory all the experiences of past lives, unresolved problems (karma) but also acquired resources.

When we are interested in our life mission or in our personal and spiritual development, in fact we are trying to find that part of ourselves which has not been embodied but which has a lot of information that is necessary for us to understand the blockages, links, repetitive patterns that hinder us in our earthly life. 

Our earthly life will be made up of encounters, events and experiences, through our intuition or little inner voice (guiding spirit) we will continually be able to work on the reunification of our being, to achieve full presence.

This practice is called spiritual hypnosis and  trans-personal, as the name suggests, trans-personal concerns that which exists beyond the personality, its conditioning and its small world, with the objective of “the full realization” of the person.

In spiritual hypnosis you are placed in an altered state of consciousness, a trance.

The peculiarity of spiritual hypnosis is that you will explore, the significant events, and describe what you see, smell or feel.

In this practice you will remain active during the whole session, it is a fabulous communication tool between you and your higher consciousness.

During the session we will be able to explore past lives but also to enter into communication with your higher consciousness (guiding mind) which will be able to deliver you important information or guide you if it feels that you are ready.


It is a formidable tool of transformation for lasting changes, insofar as you wish to advance in your development and find answers to concerns.


Your higher consciousness is watching over you and you still have your free will.


- Elodie

Superb session in spiritual and energetic hypnosis with Sylvie. theme l between two lives !. Myself, energetician and practitioner in spiritual hypnosis trained in the same method, I made a magnificent journey in Self

Felt the messages, without necessarily words ... also which confirmed what I already felt at a level ... Sylvie accompanies you with kindness and technique during the session, which gives you confidence. I recommend l Merciii

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Embark on your journey of transformation.

I would say, that you cannot be hypnotized against without your consent.

The majority of people are receptive to hypnosis, it is enough to adjust the time of trance for some.

Hypnosis is a natural state that we encounter throughout the day, when we watch a good movie, when we are focused on tasks.


In fact our brain changes frequency throughout the day, depending on our occupations.


It is natural to go from Beta, Alpha to Theta waves.


Some people come into resistance out of fear:

  • Fear of being manipulated : no practitioner can induce in your brain something that does not correspond to your convictions, beliefs… moreover during the state of hypnosis you hear everything and the session is recorded.

  • Fear of revealing things that are too personal : rest assured, you will only reveal what you decide to reveal.

  • Fear of reliving his death : the practitioner will guide you through this step, with the agreement of your directing mind. Death is often experienced as a calming experience, and the ascent into the light is often gentle and benevolent.

  • Fear of reliving a trauma : your higher consciousness which is a part of you, yourself, takes care to make you live or re-live only what will be necessary and bearable.


A hypnosis session like any other holistic treatment can cause disturbances, healing crisis .


For  be able to integrate new information into your physical body and your energy bodies, it is sometimes necessary  to welcome a period of transition and discomfort with kindness, curiosity and openness.


Embark on your journey of transformation.

Find the origin of different problems to find solutions:

  • Health problem

  • Trauma, conscious or from the past

  • Psychological blockages

Find the cause of difficult links or relationships, friends, families, etc.

Recover forgotten skills and resources.

Identification and release of parasitic links

  • Entities, thoughtforms, promise or pact

Get guidance

Energetic cleaning

What happens during a session ?

A preliminary interview is necessary to better understand your concerns, problems and expectations… Following this interview I will be able to decide on the questions to guide you during the trance.

Induction : I will guide you in a deep trance, and put in place all the protections so that the session goes as well as possible.

Different scenarios can be proposed:

  • Exploration of an important event in this life.

  • Visit previous life (s) and resource recovery

  • Visit between two lives.

  • Guidance

  • Entity cleaning and energy repair

  • Energy spring cleaning.


Return from trance.


At the end of the session I will send you the recording and a written report.


The duration of a session depends on the treated case, on average 2 hours.

Advice before a session.

I recommend that you make this session a date with yourself.

Relax, meditate, listen to the audio to prepare your body and mind and let go.

This session is a gift that you give yourself, it is an experience to go to the next level, to reach a new stage.

Remember that you have chosen your incarnation and the experiences you wish to have in order to evolve. 
You will be able to visit one or more lives that have been important and that are related to your  present life.

We will try to find answers to your questions.

To fully benefit from this experience, I recommend that you do not have any special expectations, let go and welcome the experience with confidence.


Prior interview by skype or whatsapp.

Video session.

Recording and written report of the meeting.

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