Who am I ?

Certified energy healing practitioner

Modified  states of consciousness and access to my own self-healing have motivated my research and experiences for over 18 years.

In 2001 I left France with husband and children.

My road took me first to the West Indies where I discovered Reiki .

This experience revived deep emotions. This journey into the depths of myself immediately trigger me and shows me my vulnerability,  but aren't we growing from our experiences?

It confirms me that you could sometimes feel vulnerable and showing , it didn't make you weak, but rather human.

2007 , departure for Bali

Bali calmed me down. I learned about the difference in culture, thought and reaction. I continue my quest and my work on myself. I organise retreats with the help of the Balinese.
I have been trained in different energy healing techniques and I practice “Breath of Bliss” connected conscious breathing.

2019 the family sets out again on the road, towards Australia , Perth more precisely.

I meet healers, mediums and channels. I participate in healing groups and teach in small groups with simplicity and kindness, embodiment,  well-being and empowerment.

During these workshops or sessions you will reconnect  the flame that burns and shines in yourself.

During private or group sessions, I create a supportive environment so that we can feel safe and be listened  without judgment.

I set up a sacred space, we connect to the universal life force energy to be activated, to release blockages and  emotions and thus let the power of healing emerges.

  • Certified in Balinese massage.

  • Certified Teacher and Reiki Master Usui Shiki Ryoho, by Ashana Solaris, website,

  • I teach Reiki in France and online

  • Certified, energy treatments by Luc Bodin

  • "Facilitator" in connected conscious breathing "Breath of Bliss"

  • CIBTAC certified, massage, anatomy, physiology, Lomi Lomi.

  • Practitioner in spiritual hypnosis


Passionate about travel, I offer my services while traveling or online.