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Mindful Breathwork


Mindful breathing is a wonderful tool, gentle and powerful at the same time.


This tool gives you the power to be your own healer and to activate your life force energy deep within yourself.

In this session, I will guide you with music, in a modified state of consciousness.


In this gentle  trance you will be able to access and unlock blockages, memories, limiting thought to let the energy flow.

Conscious breathing acts on several levels, physical, energetic, emotional.
Before the first session, I will explain the technique and the benefit  of the session to you.


At the end we will take the time to share your feelings.

Prices : From 50 AUD  (Workshop limited space) 

Private 1 pers: 150 AUD (90 mn or more)

Image by Christin Hume

Healing massage.

Women only


This massage from Hawaii is considered a treatment that acts on the body and the mind.


By a series of movements: kneading, light and quick strokes, the practitioner links all parts of the body together. This massage promotes energy harmonization, mental and emotional tensions are released and deep relaxation takes place. The release of emotional memories and physical tensions can then take place.


This massage is an ideal treatment to release physical pain and allow the body to consciously release blockages and tensions.


The Reiki energetic treatment is included during this massage so that the energy finds its way to circulate in the parts of the body which need to be released.

Prices: 120 AUD, woman only.

Image by Kira auf der Heide


Energy healing

Reiki is a complementary therapy. In some country it is currently being provided in many hospitals, nursing homes, palliative care hospices and community service settings.

The system of reiki works in conjunction with all other medical or therapeutic techniques.

If you are in medication, please ask your doctor before to book a session.

I am qualified Reiki Master & i have helped many client with Reiki and other energy healing modalities.


At the first session, we will have a quick chat and i will guide you  in a meditation and will accompany you on the path of your own awakening.

During this privileged moment i will use the symbols to guide the energy of Reiki and connect to the life force energy.

You will lay down, clothes on, and i will put my hands  over your body or sometime my hands can touch.

At the end of the session, you will have time to ground and share your feeling.

A great gift to offer to yourself.

Prices :       95 AUD

3 sessions 250 AUD
(a great starter to boost your energy)